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ZOP (Zentrale Oberstufenpr√ľfung)

The ZOP is a very advanced exam which requires command of all of the skills of the German language. The ZOP diploma proves specific knowledge of German. The high level allows for an understanding of difficult texts and a fluent and elegant expression in both written and spoken German.

Choose the ZOP exam if :

  • You already have a very high level of German
  • You are considering entering a university or a third-level institution in Germany - this test exempts you from the language entrance exam.

What does the ZOP exam consist of ?

1. Written exam (5 hours)
You will be tested on your ability to understand and write texts. You will be asked to carry out an in-depth analysis of contemporary texts and literary texts (books chosen by the Goethe Institute). The writing part focuses on an open subject, a subject linked to the reading of a book and an explanation of the text as well as written expression exercises.

2. Oral exam (20 minutes)
You will have to show that you manage to express yourself with ease in German. You will have to listen to a sound recording and you will be asked questions about the text. You will also have to show your command of German pronunciation and intonation by reading aloud an information text. You have 15 minutes' preparation time for the first part of the exam, but you are not authorised to use a dictionary.

For further information on the ZOP exam, take a look at the Goethe Institute website.