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ZMP (Zentrale Mittelstufenpr√ľfung)

The ZMP exam is aimed at people who have a high language level. It proves good knowledge of standard German and the ability to express yourself correctly on numerous subjects, both in written and spoken language, and to understand texts of a high language level.

This internationally recognised exam certifies solid general knowledge of German in the case of looking for a job. In some third-level institutions, the ZMP diploma exempts students who wish to study in Germany from sitting an admission test showing that they have sufficient knowledge of the German language.

Choose the ZMP if :
  • You are capable of understanding a text of average difficulty on your own
  • You manage to express yourself correctly, both in written and spoken language, on more complex subjects

What does the ZMP exam consist of ?

1. Written exam (3h30)
For this exam, you have to prove your ability to understand 4 texts of different types (a short text, an article or a passage from a book, a text rendering opinions or points of view, press articles). You will also be tested on your ability to write a letter as well as on your listening comprehension skills (soundtrack).

2. Oral exam (15 min)
You will have to show your ability to express yourself coherently and correctly, and to participate adequately in discussions. You have a preparation time of 15 minutes, but dictionaries are not allowed.

For further information on the ZMP exam, refer to the Goethe Institute website.