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ZDfB (Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf) (Certificate of professional German)

The ZDfB exam certifies your ability to communicate in spoken and written German in everyday situations of professional life. You have to be in a position to understand and write business texts and to communicate adequately with your professional colleagues and partners.

Choose the ZDfB exam if :

  • You already have a good command of the German language
  • You wish to test your professional language level, especially for the commercial and industrial sectors

What does the ZDfB exam consist of ?

1. Reading comprehension (100 minutes)
You will be tested on your general comprehension skills of the written German language. You will have to, among other things, answer multiple choice questions focusing on vocabulary and grammar, correct mistakes in a given text and show that you understand the texts presented to you.
2. Oral expression (20 minutes)
For the oral exam, you benefit from 15 minutes' preparation, but you are not allowed to use a dictionary. During this exam, you have to demonstrate your ability to express yourself adequately in everyday situations of professional life, You will have to introduce yourself, explain a graph or a statistics curve.

For further information on the ZDfB exam, take a look at the Goethe Institute website.