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ZD (Zertifikat Deutsch)

The ZD exam is the first exam of the Goethe Institute which certifies good basic knowledge of the German language.You need to have a level which allows you to communications in all situations of everyday life and to understand a text of average difficulty. It is an exam of international renown that is highly valued by employers in both the private and public sectors.

Choose the ZD exam if :

  • You master around 2000 words of vocabulary and basic grammar rules
  • You understand roughly what people are saying to you and you manage to take part in conversations on everyday subjects

What does the ZD exam consist of ?

1. Reading comprehension

This part is made up of a test of your grammar abilities, a test of your ability to understand a text and a letter for you to write.
2. Oral expression
The oral part focuses on everyday situations and includes a conversation on a defined subject.

For further information on the ZD exam, take a look at the Goethe Institute website.