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Why travel abroad?

A language study trip, what is it exactly?

It's a trip abroad during which you learn a foreign language in a culture other than your own.

Almost everything is organised before you leave in order that your language study trip will live up to your expectations as close as possible.

We have selected a list of questions that most people ask themselves before travelling abroad for a language study trip.
  1. practical questions
  2. questions of motivation
  3. questions of hesitation
By travelling abroad to develop your language knowledge, you will return with not only a greater ease in using the language but also an impressive cultural background whose rhythm you will move to from dawn 'til dusk during a few weeks, if not months.

New language, new culture:

By being immersed in another culture, you have access to new ways of thinking and of seeing the world. You discover a new place and above all, you discover yourself because you will have more intense experiences than you would have at home. Choose a language, a country, a school and travel abroad to come back with a head full of plans for the next step!

A definite plan:

Heading towards the unknown whilst having a definite plan in mind, such as learning a foreign language, is exactly what a language study trip offers.

In this way, you travel abroad with a very precise objective and a clear aim: to progress in the language by being immersed in a culture other than your own.

Nowadays, having knowledge of several foreign languages is becoming almost the norm, so don't wait any longer and travel abroad for a language study trip! Foreign languages are a necessary communication tool in today's world. Whether it be for making yourself understood during a trip abroad or with foreign friends or even to communicate your company's plans, having another language is the number 1 asset for gaining contacts throughout the world.