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Which foreign language do I wish to learn?

For some, the choice of foreign language is already made but for others, it's a matter of working out which foreign language is the most appropriate for their personal or professional needs in order to be able to choose among the numerous foreign language courses on offer.

No language is more "important" than any other one, it all depends on what you wish to do with it.

In order to find out which languages are spoken where and how many people speak them, take a look at our column on the most requested languages for language studies abroad

Is it more interesting for my professional career to learn a language which is widely spoken in the West, like English or Spanish, or, on the contrary, am I more interested in learning a language which is less common, like Chinese or Russian?

Obviously, this choice depends on the professional or personal path you wish to take or that you have already begun to take.

  • If you speak just one language, we advise you to firstly learn a language with a word-order which is relatively close to it. You will also have more chances of speaking this other language than if you learn a language which is spoken little in the West.
  • If you want to be able to use this language for travelling or for working, we advise you to choose a widely-used language (English, Spanish, German for people wishing to work in Switzerland) which will allow you to communicate with a maximum number of people and to have a highly sought-after language for the workplace.
  • If you only speak one language but have a very precise professional or personal aim which requires you to learn a language which is less common, in this case, don't hesitate to travel abroad to learn it.
  • If, for professional reasons, you need a very specific type of language, refer to the language studies abroad column for executives, professionals or any other specification. Learning a language such as Chinese, Russian or Japanese can be an excellent advantage.
  • If you want to learn a language which is spoken little in your country for your own pleasure, don't think twice about it and travel abroad on a language study trip in order to get a solid basis in the language and also to be constantly immersed in the culture.