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When/how to enrol

It is important to enrol in advance as language studies abroad are very fashionable and the best places are booked very quickly. In addition, if you have a very precise idea of what you want, you will be certain to see it carry through if you prepare for it in advance. Don't forget that you will need to choose a place, accommodation, school and courses in addition to all of the other preparations such a trip entails. It is therefore very advisable to find out information in advance and to enrol a minimum of one month before you leave if you decide to stay in Europe. You will need to do so three months in advance for a destination outside of Europe.

It is recommended to go through a language travel organisation in order to enrol.
The language travel organisation will make you all sorts of propositions based on what you are looking for. It will know where to find the offers and how to get the best deals, The enrolment can me made by telephone, during an appointment or on the Internet. For the choice of language travel organisation, please refer to our column on the organisations. From the moment your enrolment is submitted, there will not be a delay in you getting a confirmation and details of this. You can ask what the price comes to in Euros, Dollars or other currency. The payment of the invoice is to be mae within 30 days by direct debit or by credit card.