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Voluntary work

Combining voluntary work with language classes adds an extra and unforgettable experience to your language study trip. You are not only going to be able to put the language you will have learned in class into practice, but in addition, you will be able to get closer to the people and to the culture of the place where you will carry out your voluntary work.

It is often difficult to get to the heart of a population without being a part of it. With voluntary work, a foreigner really helps from within the culture and gets close to the natives in everyday life without the inevitable barrier one finds when you are a stranger to the country.

The offer of voluntary work apply to diverse sectors such as educational and social domains, ecotourism, the medical world, cultural development, ecology, etc. In general, the programme is made up of language classes which take place over a few weeks, the the voluntary work programme which follows the classes. Destinations which propose language courses and voluntary work are generally predefined by language travel organisations.

Voluntary work demands a certain maturity, initiative, flexibility, dynamism and the desire to pitch in and help others!

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