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The school or language travel organisation guarantees transport from the airport or train station in order to get to your accommodation at the beginning of your stay.

This is carried out either by a bus from the school, by taxi or even by members of the host family with whom you will stay. You shouldn't have too long to wait between the time you arrive and the time of being picked up by your driver!

If you know the place and prefer to get to the accommodation on your own, let the language travel organisation or the school who is in charge of arranging transport know in advance.

Generally, students arrive on a Sunday but it is possible to make arrangements directly with the school or in agreement with the language travel organisation in order that a means of transport can bring you for the airport or the train station to your accommodation if you are arriving on another day.

The same goes for when you are leaving the place of your stay. If you are leaving at the same time as other students, the transport will be assured but if you want to do things differently, you will have to organise it yourself or arrange it  on-site with the school.