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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

This test evaluates the general English language skills of people whose mother tongue is not English.

Choose the TOEFL exam if:

  • You wish to enter a university or work in the USA
  • You have never tested your English language knowledge
  • You wish to sit an exam at the end of your language study trip

What does the TOEFL exam consist of ?

This is an exam in the form of a multiple choice questionnaire

1. Listening comprehension
This part of the TOEFL exam measures your ability to understand English as it's spoken in North American by using everyday vocabulary, expressions and grammar.

2. Structure
This second part of the TOEFL exam measures your ability to recognise the language which is appropriate for use in everyday written English.

3. Reading comprehension
This third part measures your ability to understand non-specialised texts.

4. Written expression
This fourth part measures your ability to write a text in English on a precise subject. You have to generate, organise and support ideas by using your knowledge of written English.

For further information on this exam, visit the official TOEFL website.