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Teaching methods

Teaching methods used by language teachers in language schools abroad have been developed in order to facilitate the progress made by students of the foreign language.

In order to encourage the active participation of all students, the number of students per class normally does not exceed 15 students, even in large schools. This limit allows for easier verbal exchange between students and favours contact with the teacher.

All teachers have a diploma which permits them to teach their mother tongue as a foreign language. During their university training, they had to acquire teaching skills as well as the command of the most recent educational tools.

The motivation of the students is what makes for a good class dynamic which will be assured, among other things, by the use of work methods which are varied and are at the cutting edge of technology, such as recent exercise books, television, soundtracks, city/town visits, reading of local newspapers/magazines etc.), in order to arouse active interest among  the students.

The approach to the language is communicative as it places the student at teh centre of teaching activities. The learning of a language abroad is not only going to improve the language skills of the person but will also contribute to their overall personal development as they will have a unique experience.

Language schools use many different means to create a favorable learning atmosphere during classes and to allow students to progress with enjoyment throughout their stay.