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Student residence

A student residence (boarding houses for students at reasonable prices) allows you to live with many other students without necessarily living on campus. In this way, you will share life with students of the city whilst living in a typical hose of the region

Student residences offer different accommodation possibilities, such as a single, double, triple or bigger room and a private bathroom or a shared bathroom on each floor. You will share the kitchen with other students of the residence and you can go for a drink in the bar of the residence and enjoy the use of the television and other facilities available.

Student residences are often very well placed in relation to the schools and the city centre. As you will be with other students who know the city well and its nightlife, you will have no problem in discovering the places where all the fun is happening.

Living in a student residence is like living in a community. It is therefore necessary to be tolerant and to like contact with other people. You also need not be afraid of noise as students are known for being party animals outside of class!