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Structure of a language course

The structure of a language course is shared between a theoretical part and a practical part.

Generally, the theoretical part takes place in the morning and the practical part takes place in the afternoon in order to practise what has been seen in class during the morning.

Theory :
  • grammar elements
  • familiarisation with new vocabulary
  • written comprehension (reading and writing)
  • listening comprehension (not only of a person in front of you but also of a television or radio programme, a telephone conversation or song lyrics)
  • oral expression
Practice :
  • approach of specific topics
  • correction of pronunciation
  • discussion in small groups
  • reading of newspapers
  • even cultural visits

In addition to what you will learn in class, you will also surely have exercises to do for the following day. The time you will have to dedicate to this homework varies according to the type of course you choose and your level of motivation!