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Standard courses

This type of course is based on general learning of written (reading comprehension, writing, reading) and spoken (understanding the person if front of you, voices on the television, radio, Internet and oral expression) language.

During a standard course, you will learn to understand the language and express yourself in it during everyday exchanges. The theory which you will learn in a standard course is such that it can then be practised in everyday life. In order to make the classes and exchanges interesting, you will approach very varied subjects (culture, history, politics, current affairs, society, sport, etc.) that you will then be able to use with people speaking this language.

Standard courses have classes generally in the morning in order to leave the afternoons free for students.
It is necessary to expect between 18 and 25 hours of classes per week and 1-2 hours of daily homework in order to prepare for classes the following day. This type of course can be taken for a minimum of 2 weeks, without any maximum limit.

This is the ideal type of course if you want to have time to discover the place, to meet other people or to work alongside classes.

Standard courses IN BRIEF

  • oral and written comprehension
  • everyday language and local expressions
  • very varied subjects
  • morning classes
  • between 18 - 25 hours of class per week
  • minimum 2 weeks
  • ideal for learning a language whilst having a lot of free time