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Passport / visa

In order to fulfil the entry requirements for most countries, you need to be in possession of a valid passport. For most countries, if your language study trip lasts for less than 3 months, you will not need to request a visa. However, find out from the embassy of the country you are travelling to in order to clarify this with the authorities. For a language study trip lasting more than 3 months, most countries will request that you are in possession of a visa in order to enter their country.

The visa request can be made directly by online registration on the websites of foreign embassies in your country. You can also contact the embassies by telephone or by going directly to the embassy of your choice.

Don't forget that you need to prepare in advance as embassies receive a lot of requests. This can take up to a few months. The cost of the visa varies considerably depending on your destination and depending on the type of visa (tourist, student, work, etc.) you need.