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The first few days allow you to immerse yourself by getting to know your surroundings, by getting an idea of the atmosphere of the place you have chosen for your language study trip and by already meeting some of the locals and people at the school.

It is preferable to arrive a few days before starting your classes in order to sort out the few details that cannot be dealt with before arriving on-site. According to the duration of your language study trip, the following information is more or less important for you.

The practical guide will give you details of what there is to do upon arrival and once you are on-site before knowing the insider tips that only those already started there can know.

We also explain to you what you need to do in order to make your language study trip a success as far as making progress in the language is concerned.

Please feel free to consult the independent website Read and Go (available in French only) in order to get further information on what happens once you arrive on-site. You will experience unimaginable things for now but which others have experienced and tell you about.

It is also worth reading because this website informs you of all of the best things to do once you have arrived on-site. You will be kept up-to-date on the most popular destinations of the moment and the latest websites which are not very touristy that other young people have discovered.