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The choice of location of the language school where you are going to go every day depends on the daily routine you wish to adopt during your language study trip.

A school which is located in a city or town will be more suitable for partying or for meeting people who enjoy being out and about to enjoy what the city has to offer at night-time, as the day will have been mostly spent in class.

On the other hand, a school which is located in a small spot in the countryside will be attractive to people who want to have peace and quiet while they're there and discover the area on long walks.

In a city/town

This is the ideal location for those who want to be in constant touch with urban life and to be able to stay active all the time. Between visits to museums, visit the small café at the corner of a street, shopping after classes, indoor sports and going out to nightclubs, the city/town which you will choose will no longer be strange to you. In addition, you will have numerous opportunities to practise the language with the locals during your activities outside of class. According to the size of the language school, you may have classes which take place in different buildings.

On the outskirts of a city/town

Choosing a language school on the outskirts of a city/town is the ideal solution for those who like urban life without necessarily wishing to live right in the throng of the city/town-centre. By choosing to live on the outskirts, you will have all of the advantages of a city/town whilst avoiding the 24/7 noise of it. There are many language schools which are located on the outskirts of cities/towns as most of the host families are living a bit outside of the centre. In order to get to the language school building, you will have to take the bus, train, underground or boat according to the destinations.

In the countryside

The quiet atmosphere of the countryside will allow you to progress in learning the language whilst having the possibility to recharge one's batteries in an environment which is far from the urban stress. Generally, schools which are located in the countryside offer activities which allow students to discover the region and its local heritage.

At the seaside

This is a very popular destination as the seaside remains a synonym for holidays for us Westerners! The offer is very varied and is increasingly being developed subject to the demand. Learning a language in a school at the seaside remains one of the most popular choices when the seaside is close to a large town/city, which means enjoying the beach and the sun during the day, and going out in the city at night. Nice programme!

In the mountains

Those addicted to winter sports also have a spot to learn a language without letting go of their passion. Several language schools set up their schools in the mountains in order to offer language courses combined with winter sports (as part of the course or independently from the group).

Travelling class

For those who like to travel around, certain countries propose learning a language while changing location during the language study trip. The school becomes a travelling one, where it is necessary to put up and take down tents or change youth hostel along the way during your language study trip. A driver accompanies you and the teachers know the area as well as the language. This type of language study trip lasts from 2 to 50 weeks, which makes your language study trip very flexible.