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Leisure activities

In addition to language classes, language schools offer activities which allow you to practise the foreign language and to get to know that the culture and the people of the country.


The school always offers cultural activities to allow you to discover the country through its civilisation. These cultural discoveries are extremely varied and change from one place to the next. These include visiting museums, discovering natural reserves, guided city visits etc. You will be brought anyway to places which you may have ignored or not have known about if you came to the place simply as a tourist.


We can distinguish two different types of offer, which are sports organised by the school and those which are available in the town/city where the school is located. Practically all schools organise matches of football, basketball, volleyball, tennis etc. The offer varies a lot from one place to the next and each country or region offers a local sport (e.g. capoeira in Brazil, flamenco in Andalusia, skiing in Canada, surfing in Australia, diving in Egypt, etc.). If the offer doesn't suit you, you will be able to find out information about what the town/city proposes for sports (gym, bodybuilding, swimming, etc.) but you will have to pay full price, the same as the natives.

Leisure activity courses

Each school offers leisure activities in addition to classes and in addition to sports. These activities are specific to the place where you are staying. They also depend on the culture you have chosen to study in addition to the language. Certain schools go beyond their own culture and offer contemporary activities (spectacles, DJ/VJ evenings, discovery of hip districts, checking out of cutting edge festivals, lesbian&gay evenings, meeting up in the evening, etc.)

Going out in the evening

In order for you to be able to discover the nighlife of the place you are staying in, the school proposes activities which you can participate in if you have nothing else planned! Again, the type of activity depends on the place in which you have chosen the school. The activities can range from going to pubs, cafés, clubs, festival, the beach etc., so choose your destination well.

Discovery of the surrounding areas

The school often proposes different small excursions in order for you to be able to discover the surrounding areas. These can last for a day or be extended over several days. Activities of short duration are generally included in the price of your language study trip, however, those which require longer journeys are invoiced at the time of enrolment.


The small excursions organised by the school often cost less than if you were to organise them yourself.
Leisure activities are also a great way to play sport for free and to meet plenty of people from the school!