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Schools offer a wide choice of language courses to take during a language study trip abroad.

The choice of language you are going to study depends on what you are going to do with it. If it is for your work, you are going to choose according to what your company asks you. However, if it's for your own interest, you have the choice among a good number of modern languages in Europe, America, Asia or Oceania.

We have listed the 20 most requested languages and destinations by people who are going to take language courses in order to learn more about them according to the countries in which they are spoken and to have an idea of the number of people who speak them.

The estimates of the number of people who speak a language vary a lot as the term "speaker" can include only the people who speak the language as their mother tongue or more largely, all people who speak the language. To this, you can add the problem of the geographical distribution of the language. Here, we consider the countries in which the language is considered to be "official" and the number of speakers includes all people who speak it as their mother tongue.