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Portugal, Brazil, five Republics in Africa (Cape Verde islands, Guinea-Bissau, the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe, Angola and Mozambique).

Approximately 206 million people speak Portuguese. Although there are two written norms for Portuguese, one for Portugal and the other for Brazil, the two countries have since done little in the way of bringing their spelling systems closer together. The same goes for spoken uses of the language which, in Brazil, were found at the convergence of three streams: the Portuguese of the beginning of the occupation, the Old Tupi language of the indigenous populations and the African languages of the slaves moved there in large numbers between 1515 and 1888. In Portugal, one notes a great consistency in the language and few dialectal varieties.

Offers of language travel agencies :

Brazil : Maceio, Salvador de Bahía, Sâo Paulo.
Portugal : Lisboa, Faro.

Exam :

At the moment, there is no exam available but there is a possibility to have official recognition of courses taken.