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Language study trip & paid work

You are more than 18 years old? Why not extend your language study trip by getting some paid work in order to be able to stay on longer or to put some money aside for travelling for longer?

If you plan to stay on after your language study trip or even to travel abroad with a view to finding a job for a set duration, ask your language travel organisation about the best-suited job offers.
It is ideal to take a language course in a school on-site in order to get to know the place, then you can use your language skills while working in the learned language. The workplace which you will have access to will depend on your language level, the amount of time you have at your disposal, and on your professional experience in the chosen domain and on your motivation. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that each country has its own legal working conditions, and in this way, according to the place, you will need a certain type of visa and/or a work permit. Even for a small job! The work domain is to be specified with the language travel organisation during the preparation of the language study trip.

The offers of paid work abroad are varied and depend on the country of the destination. For language study trips & paid work, the most requested places are England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain and China.

In order to find out about visa conditions, take a look at our column on this subject, speak with your language travel organisation or contact the embassy of the country in which you are going to work.
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