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Language courses in the teacher's home

Language courses in the teacher's home are designed for those who wish to benefit from every minute of their language study trip to learn the language.

As you will live in the language teacher's home, you will have one-to-one lessons in his/her house or in the language school where he/she teaches. The number of class hours depends on your level of motivation. You have the choice between 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of classes per week. Given that your teacher will follow your progress every day, he/she will be able to adapt his/her teaching method to your own pace.

If you wish to learn a language which is not represented much by language travel organisations, then the best way to learn it is to take a course in the teacher's home. Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew, Danish, Norwegian, Chinese, etc. can be effectively learned in this way.

Language courses in the teacher's home IN BRIEF

  • personalised teaching
  • rapid progress
  • total immersion in the language
  • possibility of learning languages not much represented in language schools
  • choice of the number of class hours