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Language courses for groups

You can travel abroad on a language study trip as a group and benefit from a reduction in the price of the language study trip.

The courses given will allow you and a certain number of people to progress at the same pace and to benefit from tailor-made teaching. It can be a study trip, an exam preparation course, a summer camp for young people or adults, an active holiday or even a language study project in a group. People in a same group do not necessariy need to be all of the same level. If this is the case, you can ask for the help of several language cases.

You can choose the teaching you want in accordance with the time at your disposal, the group's objectives and the leisure activities you wish to organise outside of class.

Language courses for groups IN BRIEF

  • reduction in the price of the language study trip
  • progress of people on the same subject
  • personalised choice of teaching for the group