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Language courses & culture

This type of course offers the possibility of discovering the culture of the country in which you are carrying out your language study trip whilst learning the language.

The classes on culture depend on the place in which you will carry out your language study trip. Generally, the language classes are given in the morning and those which are more specific to the culture are given in the afternoon. You have the choice between different cultural classes such as classes on gastronomy, the history of art, wine tasting, different sports or even applied art.

Language courses & culture programmes generally give you the choice of the type of course (standard, intensive, one-to-one, etc.) that you wish to take alongside the classes specific to the culture.

Language courses & culture

  • language courses and cultural discovery
  • combines work and an enjoyment of culture
  • allows you to get to know another aspect of the region's culture
  • choice of course you want in addition to the cultural aspect