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KET (Key English Test)

This is the first level of Cambridge exams which certifies your ability to get by in easy situations (basic communication) using everyday oral and written language.

Choose the KET exam if :

  • You have little or no prior knowledge of English
  • You wish to acquire a solid basis in English
  • You wish to get to know your strong and weak points in English

What does the KET exam consist of ?

1. Reading comprehension (70 minutes)
The reading comprehension exam (reading and writing) tests you on your ability to read and understand simple texts (signposts, brochures, newspapers and magazines). You need to be able to have an overall gist of meaning and to understand unusual turns of phrase. You will be tested on your ability to fill in cloze tests, to convert jumbled information into simple sentences and to write a small text of 20-25 words to show that you have acquired the basic notions for the structure of a text, of vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.

2. Listening comprehension (30 minutes)
The listening comprehension exam tests your ability to understand a recorded voice (monologue, radio. etc.) with good articulation. You will also be tested on your ability to retain simple information and to reproduce it.

3. Oral expression (8-10 minutes)
The oral expression exam tests your ability to hold a simple conversation with the examiner or with another student. You need to be able to answer and ask questions regarding yourself, your hobbies and your tastes. Normally, this exam is done in pairs.

To find out the exact dates of the exams and to get further information about the KET, take a look at the Cambridge ESOL website.