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KDS (Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom)

Equivalent to the level of the ZOP exam, the KDS exam is more detailed in its literary analysis. The course focuses in German literature. The KDS exam proves a high level in German literature in terms of the understanding and the analysis of texts.

If you have the KDS, you will be exempted from German language entrance exams for German universities. It also allows you to teach German as a foreign language. The KDS enjoys wide international renown and is recognised by employers in both the private and public sectors as proof of excellent knowledge of the German language.

Choose the KDS exam if :

  • You wish to enrol in a university or a higher-level institution in Germany
  • You have good knowledge of German culture and civilisation
  • You are a student and need extra support for your studies of German language and literature

What does the KDS consist of ?

1. Written exam (5 hours)
This involves the analysis of literary texts and texts focussing on German civilsation. Two literary subjects on two books of choice are prepared, discussed and reasoned as a group. You are expected to give a clear and precise account on what you have read beforehand. Above all, you need to show your ability to deal with the various tasks relating to the reading of different texts in a limited time and to be able to structure your arguments rationally and to use a suitable language level to set out your personal assessment.

2. Oral exam (20 minutes)

You will need to be able to give different accounts on given subjects. It is vital to be able to express yourself with total ease in this exam. You will also be tested on reading a text aloud.

For further information on the KDS exam, refer to the Goethe Institute website.