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JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

The JLPT exam is a bit like the equivalent of the TOEFL exam for English except that the is only one exam session per year and this takes place throughout the world on the same day. In this way, if your language study trip to Japan does not allow you to sit the exam on-site, you can still enrol by asking to sit it in the place you will be in December. This exam is internationally recognised and is required for those wishing to enrol in a Japanese university, for example.

What does the JLPT exam consist of ?

1. Reading of kanji and vocabulary test (accounts for 100 points)
2. Listening comprehension test (listening to a recorded tape) (accounts for 100 points)
3. Reading and grammar test (accounts for 200 points).

The test result will be sent to you by post in February to the address of your choice, accompanied by the diploma. You need to get 60% in order to get the diploma (80% for level 1).

An idea of the levels:
  • Level 4 corresponds to knowledge of the basic grammar rules, of simple conversation and the reading of simple sentences
  • Level 3 corresponds to a level where you are able to have everyday conversations and read quite simple sentences
  • Level 2 corresponds to quite an advanced level of grammar, conversation, reading and writing of everyday subjects
  • Level 1 corresponds to a perfect command of the grammar, allowing you to take classes in university (given in Japanese, of course!), to read the newspaper, etc.
Level 4: 80 kanji / 800 characters / duration of exams: 25-25-50 min
Level 3: 350 kanji / 1000 characters / duration of exams: 35-35-70 min
Level 2: 1000 kanji / 6000 characters / duration of exams: 35-40-70 min
Level 1: 2036 kanji / 10000 characters / duration of exams: 45-45-90 min

For further details, please visit the Japanese Language Proficiency Test website.