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Internship only

It can happen that you already have a good command of the language and you just wanted to perfect it (precise expressions, more developed vocabulary, spoken fluency, etc.) by travelling abroad to carry out an internship without taking a language course.

In this case, the language travel organisation will evaluate with you what level you are at in the language (certain companies request an international language diploma), will study your objectives and will submit your application to interested companies.

Carrying out an internship abroad allows you to perfect your language level and to familiarise yourself with a sector of professional activity.

Companies which propose internship places deal in marketing, international business, importing and exporting, the hotel industry, tourism, computers, commercial, legal or social domains, new technology etc.

Once you are on-site, you will have a meeting with members of the chosen company who are in charge of internships. At the beginning, you will be given diverse tasks to carry out to familiarise yourself with the company's sector. Following this, the intern will be given more responsabilities and larger-scale projects.