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Internship and language course

Internship and language course programmes allow you to put your language skills you have acquired into practice in the chosen professional domain for the internship. Companies which offer internship places deal in marketing, international business, importing and exporting, the hotel industry, tourism, computers, the commercial domain, legal and social domains, new technology etc.

Certain language travel organisations propose paid internships (only in the USA) but most of the time, the internships are unpaid and offer professional experience to people who wish to specialise in the sector.
Once the internship has begun, you will be given different tasks to carry out in order to familiarise yourself with the company's sector. Following this, the intern will be given more responsabilities and larger-scale projects. The option of an internship and language course is quite condensed and demands a certain willingness to invest oneself fully in such a project.
Before starting the internship, the future intern takes a language course of a minimum duration of four weeks in order to target the learning and the perfecting of the the language in view of the chosen internship. During this course period, you will learn to command the language and the specific language of your sector. In addition, you will be invited to participate in career workshops in order to be able to specify your skills and to be supervised in the writing of your CV and cover letter in view of your future professional career. Meetings will be organised with your future employers in order that you are integrated bit by bit into the working world of the company.