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Intensive courses

This type of course will allow your to acquire detailed general knowledge of the written (reading comprehension and interpretation, writing) and spoken language (understanding the person you're speaking with, understanding off-screen voices and oral expression). You will learn to understand and be understood by the people you are speaking the language with.

Courses are given in the morning and in the afternoon with a lunch break in-between. In the morning, you will be given theoretical ideas on varied subjects (culture, history, politics, current affairs, society, sport, etc.) which you will put into practice in the afternoon during classes on more precise topics.

You will need to expect between 30 and 35 hours of intensive classes per week and 1-2 hours of daily homework after class. This type of course can be taken for a minimum duration of 2 weeks, without a maximum limit.

This type of course is ideal for people who wish to make rapid progress in the language, regardless of their language level.

Intensive courses IN BRIEF

  • detailed oral and written comprehension
  • everyday expressions, local vocabulary and expressions
  • very varied subjects
  • theoretical and practical approach to the language
  • morning and afternoon classes
  • between 30-35 class hours per week
  • minimum 2 weeks
  • ideal for those who want to make rapid progress