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Before travelling abroad
Cover offered by your language travel organisation insures you in the case of
  • an accident
  • an illness
  • death of a close relative or friend

Once your are on-site
It is up to you to be up-to-date with your
  • Flight cancellation insurance: to be taken out during the booking of your flight in order that you can cancel it if you have a last-minute unexpected holdup
  • Trip cancellation insurance: in case of illness, accident, death, damage to property, dismissal, strike, protest, natural disaster, epidemic. The trip cancellation insurance offers assistance to people (rescue, transport, early return, repatriation)
  • Health insurance : in case of an on-site illness in order to benefit from healthcare in the country of your destination
  • Accident insurance : in case of an on-site accident in order to be taken care of by local services