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In the teacher's home

Living with your teacher allows you to be immersed in the language of the country all of the time and to learn much more quickly than sitting at the back of a class.

This type of accommodation is similar to that of a host family except that one member of the family is the language teacher. It may be the case that your teacher lives alone or with his/her family. You have the possibility to choose whichever you prefer.

A furnished room is provided for you. Most of the time, you have the choice between a single room and a double room (if a course in the teacher's home is carried out as a couple). There are different standards within the offers of accommodation in the teacher's home. Normally, you will share the bathroom with the teacher and his/her family but if you wish to have a private bathroom, it is possible to arrange this.

Given the choice, you can ask for half board, full board or no meals at all. If you do not eat in the teacher's home, it is best to let him/her know in advance.