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Host family

Accommodation with a host family is by far the most popular option among students who wish to travel abroad to learn a foreign language. It is a way of life which is very easy to adapt to and which offers numerous advantages. You will have total immersion in the language and direct contact with the country's inhabitants from day one of your stay.

Families which offer a place for a student have been chosen with care by the school which proposes this type of accommodation for the students who come to learn a language there, The school goes often to check the families to be sure of the quality and security for students staying there.

A host family can be made up of a couple with or without children. The children may still live in the house or else live on their own and come home from time to time. It can also happen that a host family is made up of either a man or a woman living on their own. Some families accommodate several students. In these cases, students of the same mother tongue do not stay in the same house, except on request. It is clear that you have the right to ask for the type of family you would like to stay with.

A furnished room is provided for you. Most of the time, you have the choice between a single or a double room. There are different standards within the offers of accommodation with a host family. Normally, you will share the bathroom with the members of the family, but if you wish to have your own private bathroom, certain families can offer this.

Given the choice, you can ask for half board, full board or no meals at all. According to the contracts with the schools, the host family may or may not prepare you a packed lunch each day. From the very beginning of the stay, make sure that your host family knows of your board in order that they know what meals to prepare for you. It is clear that if you do not wish to eat with the host family every evening, you only have to tell them in advance that you won't be there for whatever meal.

The host families are located at a distance which is more or less near the school. At best, you will be able to go there on foot. However, the journey usually shouldn't last more than 30 minutes by bus, train, tram or metro. If you travel abroad to study in a city, you risk having to use public transport in order to get to the school.

Specific requests:
In order to correspond to your needs, the school will send you a form concerning eventual specific requests (children, young people, animals, special diet, allergies, non-smoking, etc.). These will be taken into consideration during your enrolment and will be met in most cases (as long as they're made before the enrolment deadline).

Certain students have even kept in touch with their host family once their stay has finished and have returned several years later to see the family with whom they lived during their language study trip again. If you have a friend who was happy with the family they stayed with, ask him/her to give you the name of the family so that you may also stay there.