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Who can finance my language study trip?

You wish to travel abroad whilst staying active? A language study trip promises the discovery of a new place, a change of scenery just like being on holidays and ensures that you will learn the language on-site.

Your family
If you are not yet earning a living or you are not earning enough, ask your family (parents but also uncles and aunts or grandparents if they can afford it) to finance part or all of the costs of the language study trip you wish to make. Learning an extra language is never an excess during your life.

Your company
If you work with a company who works with clients from abroad and which requires you to have a command of several languages, you can request a price offer for a language study trip from a language travel organisation and present it to your employer. He/She has the right to accept or refuse this depending on the necessity of your request. Some companies pay for all of the language study trip (travel, courses, exam fees, accommodation) while others offer to share the costs.

A study grant
In order to benefit from a study grant, you need to make enquiries at your school/college/university/district council etc. Study grants contribute to the fees involved in a language study trip but do not pay for the entire language study trip.

A voucher for a language study organisation
Language study organisations sell vouchers which can be used during the enrolment and booking of a language study trip. Depending on the type of vouchers, they can be used in the form of a gift voucher or a discount voucher for a language study trip. This is an original gift idea which is greatly appreciated.