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Farmstay is a type of language study trip which is a but different from the others as it demands the person to get involved as soon as they arrive on-site. As the name indicates, a farmstay allows you to learn a language whilst living on a farm, a ranch or a hacienda.

Before going to live on the farm, you have the possibility of taking language classes in the nearest town/city in order to gain a good language level to be able to understand the people with whom you are going to live. You will need to expect to spend 4 to 8 hours per day participating in life on the farm.

The tasks you will be given depend on the type of farming of the farm on which you will carry out your stay. Some are specialised in livestock or poultry breeding, others in wine cultivation or other types of farming. However, the types of farmstay which attracts the most people are those which allow you to look after horses and ride them.

Bear in mind that the distances and dimensions of these ranches are completely different to what we are used to seeing. Often far from towns/cities, these farms are the ideal place to recharge one's batteries whilst pitching in with the people there. It is probably during this type of language study trip that you risk meeting the most natives and where your language skills will be challenged when faced with the very marked accents of large rural stretches.
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