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Exam preparation courses

Exam preparation courses are especially designed to allow you to reach a language level which is sufficiently high to sit and pass the exam chosen beforehand.

Generally, there are several levels of difficulty for each title. Internationally recognised exams are good reference points to define someone's language level.
Preparation courses for internationally recognised exams are of a determined duration according to the exam you will have chosen to sit in accordance with your language level and your level of motivation. If you do not already know which exam to sit, take a glance at the column on official language exams.

Exam preparation courses are relatively expensive as you have to pay both for the classes and an additional exam enrolment fee. This is due to the renown of the titles awarded and to the monopoly of the large internationally recognised organisations. Nevertheless, compared to the price of the classes themselves, the price of the exam is not much.

This type of course is designed for those who wish to have a universal recognition which goes beyond language learning of the level they have reached during their language study trip.

Exam preparation courses IN BRIEF

  • courses especially designed to train you in the examined subject
  • choice of exam level
  • obtaining of an internationally recognised title
  • courses of a determined duration
  • for those who want to be able to place themselves in relation to an internationally recognised scale