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All language travel organisations propose an online enrolment form or making an appointment with one of their advisers.

If you have already travelled abroad on a language study trip with this organisation, and you know that they are competent and you can confide in them, you only need to enrol using the available online enrolment form.

If you have never been on a language study trip or you were not entirely satisfied during your last language study trip, make an apointment with an adviser in different organisations in order to be able to choose the one which suits you best. It is very important to have good contact with the members of the organisation of your choice as they will be more or less responsible for the smooth running of your language study trip.
If you feel that the advisers don't manage to answer all of your questions during your eventual enrolment, go to see a competitor because an organisation who is not well-informed on its own products is not competent.