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Duration of classes

On average, classes last between 45 and 90 minutes,  depending on their layout. Between each class, there is a break of a few minutes as well as a longer break at lunchtime.

However, this lunch break is often not long enough for students to go back to their accommodation to eat. Students bring a packed lunch, eat on-site if the school offers meals or indeed, buy something to eat in town.

If you have chosen a course which takes place in the morning only, you will have 3 or 4 hours of classes and then you will be free. If you have chosen a course which takes place both in the morning and afternoon, you will have 3-4 hours of classes in the morning and 2-4 hours of classes after the lunch break.

Take a good look at the number of class hours that you will have to take according to the type of course you have chosen because if some are of 5 hours per week, others can be anything up to 30 hours! Therefore, do not choose a course which you won't manage to take fully.