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Cultural language study trip

If you are interested in a specific culture and want to learn a language whilst deepening your knowledge of a cultural aspect of the country, then choose the option of a cultural language study trip. In addition to the language classes chosen beforehand, you will be able to take clasess in gastronomy, art history, literature, sport (horse-riding, capoeira, diving, winter sports, salsa, flamenco, golf, etc.), applied arts (design, fashion, calligraphy, etc.), heritage conservation etc.

By choosing language and culture classes, you will enrich yourself both linguistically and culturally as the culture classes are given in the language which you want to learn. Therefore why not combine your language classes with, for example, skiing in Canada, capoeira in Brazil, diving in Australia, gastronomy in Italy, art history in Spain or literature in England?

This type of course allows for more cultural activities than an ordinary language course which also offers extra-curricular leisure activities but these are considered as an extra, without being an integral part of the course programme.