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Couple / Family

It is entirely possible to travel abroad on a language study trip as a family or as a couple and it is even highly recommended as one will lead the other in the discovery of a new place or another language.

Although you have the possibility to speak in your mother tongue with the person travelling with you, you will have time to meet plenty of students and locals with whom you can practise the language you are learning.

As a couple

You want to travel abroad to learn a language whilst having someone with you? It is enough to foresee accommodation for two people in the teacher's home, with a host family, in an apartment, a guest house or a hotel and you're sorted!

Your language skills don't need to be at the same level as anyway, you will each be placed in a class suited to your personal level. The only thing left to do is to speak this new language with each other.

As a family

Active family holidays are designed in such a way that classes take place in the morning in order to leave you time to visit the place in which you are staying during the whole afternoon.

Classes adapted to all levels are given separately to the adutlts and the children in order for everyone to make maximum progress. Accommodation is in a hotel or a furnished apartment according to your request.


Accommodation is often less expensive for two people than for an individual.