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Choosing an organisation

The best way is by word-of-mouth as it is customer satisfaction which gives the organisation its reputation.

You can also recognise a good organisation by the varied offer of quality labels of its partner schools.
Your college, university, school or company certainly knows of several language travel organisations which they will be able to recommend to you.

If you choose to confide in a relatively large language travel organisation, you will certainly have a very wide choice of types of language studies, of destinations, of schools, of courses and of types of accommodation. The larger the organisation is, the more contact it will have with on-site structures and will assure you follow-up once you are there. However, it can happen (in extreme cases, that you are confused with another student given the number of people who are enrolled at the same time in this organisation.

With a smaller organisation, the choice of your language study trip will be less difficult as there are a few less offers. You will be given a lot of attention because small organisations count on the close relationship with clients. The follow-up once you are on-site is well respected because small organisations often know the structures with whom they work with abroad personally.
As we have outlined on the page concerning the different types of language travel organisations, among the large and the small organisations, you also need to find out about the status of these. In this way, an independent organisation does not work in the same way as an organisation which has its own schools throughout the world.