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Living on campus is ideal for those who want to enjoy a maximum amount of independence. It is also the best way to meet plenty of young people who know the place well and will be quite happy to show you where to find the best of everything on-site.

You will stay in a student bedroom that you will share most of the time with at least one other students, You will have to find out information from the university, school or language travel organisation you're going through to book your language study trip. The bathroom is either private, or on the same floor as your bedroom, according to the standard you have chosen. You will also share the kitchen (laid-out and fully-equipped) with other students and will be able to cook there at any time. You will also be able to use the canteen or restaurant on campus at very reasonable prices.

In general, university residences are very near to the language schools of the city and well-served by public transport. A plus of living on campus is that you will be allowed to take part in all of the activities offered to students during your stay, as well as sporting and cultural activities.

It's better to be warned in advance: certain campuses are very noisy and festive so therefore, expect to not get around to sleeping 8 hours every night, but to go out more than you thought.