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CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)

The "advanced" is a high level exam designed for those you wish to reach a high level in the language and to be able to get by in all situations (everyday and professional language).

Choose the CAE exam if:

  • You wish to travel or work abroad in a domain which requires good knowledge of the language as well as more specific terms (business, medicine, law, etc.)
  • You are capable of getting by in real situations such as meetings, conferences, discussions, sharing of opinions, etc.
  • You manage to understand and write texts of different styles such as letters, reports, summaries, etc.

  • You feel capable of taking university courses in English

What does the CAE exam consist of ?

1. Reading comprehension (75 minutes)
The reading comprehension exam evaluates your ability to read and understand texts taken from books, newspapers or magazines. On the one hand, you need to be able to understand the most important points, details ans structure of the proposed text and on the other hand, you have to deduce the opinion and the position of the author.

2. Written expression (120 minutes)
This exam tests your capacity to write letters, articles, reports and critiques on a very precise subject and for a specific readership. The text you provide has to be of around 250 words.

3. English in Use (90 minutes)
The "English in Use" exam evaluates your knowledge of the syntax of the language, by asking you to fill in cloze tests, to choose the right answer, to complete a text, to write a text from notes, etc.

4. Listening comprehension (45 minutes)
This exam proves that you manage to understand different conversations and can extract the necessary information from them. You also need to be able to understand the meaning and the opinions of the speaker. The texts you will hear are taken from interviews, discussions, seminars and conversations.

5. Oral exam (15 minutes)
The oral exam generally takes place with two examiners and another candidate. Firstly, you have to introduce yourself and then answer questions regarding your hobbies, your professional plans etc. Visual aids (documents such as pictures or photos) can be used so you can express yourself for longer. Then you will have to complete a common task with the other candidate which will lead to a conversation between the examiners and the candidates regarding this task.

To find out the exact dates of the exams and to get further information on the CAE, take a look at the Cambridge ESOL website.