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Business language study trip

This type of language study trip is especially designed for executives who have a minimum of time at their disposal. By going on a business language study trip, you will be able to improve not only a language but also your communication and organisational skills in your professional domain. Business language study trips are developed in such a way that they are flexible and can be adapted to your personal and professional demands.

Business language study trips are divided into two blocks, which are language courses and specific courses for executives. The language courses are given by teachers who are experienced in the chosen professional domain. The courses which are especially designed for executives are built around the participation in company meetings, telephone interviews, the writing of reports or letters and presentations of projects.

It is possible for executives of the same company to take specific executive courses in order so that they can familiarise themselves with a certain type of language or a specific type of vocabulary together.

The proposed accommodation takes into account the standard of living of the interested person and if he/she is staying with a host family, for example, they will be of a similar socio-cultural background or of a similar profession as the executive. Accommodation is also offered in a hotel, private apartment or sharing with others according to individual wishes.