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Au pair

Travelling abroad to work as an au pair during you language study trip allows you to have particular contact with life abroad as you are going to live with a family. Travelling abroad as an au pair is the most cost-effective option for staying abroad. It is also the ideal way to be kept busy every day whilst having time for yourself after classes and according to your availability, as agreed upon with the family.

When you stay with a family as an au pair, you are responsible for looking after children and carrying out basic household chores. It is therefore necessary to be relatively well-organised and to like contact with children. Concerning the household chores and free time, it is necessary that everything is made clear as soon as you have contact with the family in order that there are no misunderstandings regarding the expectations of either side. In exchange for the services rendered by the au pair,the famils offers acccommodation and food. Sometimes, you will get a small pay which will allow you to partly finance your trip and your leisure activities once you arrive there.
Although working as an au pair is commonly attributed to young women, travelling abroad to work as an au pair during a language study trip is being increasingly aimed at young men you wish to learn a foreign language whilst being accommodated with a family and having the responsability of looking after children.
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