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Apartment / studio

Staying in an apartment/studio may work out more expensive than other types of accommodation because it is independent of the framework of a university or the language school. The school or the language travel organisation will take care of finding you a room in an apartment or a studio which suits you (price, location, size, etc.). This type of accommodation allows you to share with others or to live on your own in a a typical house or apartment block of the region.

The apartments and studios are rented as furnished. You are responsible for your own meals and the cleanliness of your room. You will have your own room in a shared apartment or you will have a studio in an apartment block.

As you will be staying in an apartment or studio which is the same for local inhabitants, you may be situated anywhere in the city and even on the outskirts to get a better price.

This is a very popular choice in Germany, under the name of a WG (Wohngemeinschaft) or in England (shared flat). You will also find this type of accommodation in Spain, Ireland, Malta and Austria.